GoGo® 12pk Large Bulk Pig Ears




USA Bulk Whole Pig Ears 

These HUGE whole pig ears are uncut, unlike other ears found on the market. Our pig ears are smoked in a certified inspected USDA facility to ensure quality, and stored in a tempurture controlled cold room to ensure freshness. Buy a single ear or stock up in bulk quantities to receive huge savings at a discounted price.

USA Bulk Whole Pig Ears Features

  • 100% All Natural, No additives, coloring or chemicals
  • Perfect treat for all size breeds
  • Sourced and Processed in the USA
  • Always Fresh

Pack of 12

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12 pack Large Pig Ears, 6 pack Large Pig Ears, Smoked Pig Ears, USA Whole Pig Ears – 4"-5", USA Whole Pig Ears – 6"-8"


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