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From: $13.36
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Undercoat Rakes are the best tool to use to remove dead hair from longer coat breeds. Aids in reducing undercoat and helps de-mat from your pet. You’ll be amazed at how much dead fur the GoGo Undercoat Rake will remove. This high quality rake has stainless steel blades that are constructed from solid steel and have rounded teeth to prevent skin irritation.

Dramatically reduces undercoat, quickly, easily and comfortably. The perfect dog grooming tool for thinning, de-matting and stripping. For best results, start with a coarse or medium Coat Rake to prepare and de-mat the coat. Then use a comb or brush to finish the coat. Achieve a flawless, hand-stripped, smooth look with less time and effort. When it comes to a quality and incredibly effective grooming tool for small dogs you won’t find anything that beats the GoGo Undercoat Rake.

GoGo Small Undercoat Rake Grooming Tool Features

  • De-Mats and Unravels the Coats of Cats; Dogs; Horses and Long Hair Breeds
  • Quickly and Easily Removes loose Hair; Especially on thick Undercoats
  • Anti-slip; easy- grip handle design

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Large 44 Blade, Medium 27 Blade, Small 13 Blade


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