GoGo® Pressed Rawhide – Bones

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From: $5.99
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GoGo Natural Pressed Rawhide Bones

GoGo Pressed, Natural Rawhide Bones are heavier and longer lasting in comparison to the classic white rawhide. Our Pressed Rawhide Bones made by GoGo Pet Products are made from natural beef rawhide that has been compressed into a more solid chew that also makes for a fun treat. Shaped into the form of the classic dog bone, our GoGo Pressed Rawhide Bones are an excellent way to reward and treat your pet, or to just keep your dog occupied. This Delicious Pressed Rawhide Bone is sure to satisfy any healthy chewer while aiding in keeping your pets teeth and gums healthy and strong. Stock up and receive a bulk discount on our Pressed Rawhide Bones.

GoGo Pressed Rawhide Bones | Features

  • Quality, 100% Natural Beef Pressed Rawhide Chews
  • 100% digestible and safe
  • Can be used as a perfect reward for training
  • The perfect treat to aid in dogs who need a satisfying, long lasting chew

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