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100% USA EPA approved product

The USA EPA agency has been working hard to stop the illegal sales of counterfeit / imported Flea Medication. Importers are illegally putting the inner tubes into an English Language printed package. The easiest way to tell if you are receiving illegal product are:
1. The price. If its to good to be true, it usually is.
2. All USA product are printed only in English and the net contents are in fluid ounces (fl. oz.), not in metric measurement, i.e. ml

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*Easy to use application *USA EPA approved product *Starts to work within 1 hour

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4 dose Advantage Cat over 9 lbs. – Purple, 4 dose Advantage Cat under 9 lbs. – Orange, 4 dose Advantage Dog 10 lbs. and under – Green, 4 dose Advantage Dog 11-20 lbs. – Teal, 4 dose Advantage Dog 21-55 lbs. – Red, 4 dose Advantage Dog over 55 lbs. – Blue


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